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Protection of your intellectual property
Yours will be yours
Every day we produce a lot of different content: articles, photos, audios, videos, 3D models and etc. We want to give an opportunity to show whom the content belongs to.
During the work we found out that, there is not a simple way to determine the ownership of the content: an independent, decentralized, universal system for certifying, evaluating and identifying any intellectual property.
The NEWS1.ru news agency team developed a project of a content identification platform. We have created a decentralized service using distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), which will enable creators of any content to secure the right to the content, to prove the uniqueness of the content and to use their content as a product.
In order services that use the News token will work, the certifying platform “POST” is created. The platform is based on the best methods for protecting the intellectual property and uses a distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) to certify the ownership of any type of content.
Based on the platform POST there is another technology. It is developed for sale, lease and transfer of intellectual property, using the smart contract technology.
How do we protect intellectual property:
Protection of the author’s content look like a payment with NEWS token. You can pay from both from one electronic purse to another, and to the electronic purse of verification server.
During the payment, a special software calculates a hash of the content and send it to the Blockchain storage, along with the transaction and URL. Hash is stored in Blockchain, it is unchanged and is not able to remove.
If the issue of ownership arises, it is enough to compare the entries of hashes in the content and the Blockchain to establish the right holder.
How to join and invest in the project:
You can join our project now and invest in it a certain amount of money. It is profitable for you because:
- A constant increase in the value of the NEWS token as new services are released on the certification platform;
- A constant increase in the cost of the NEWS token as it connects to the system of certification of large content generators: news agencies, internet portals, universities, libraries, bloggers and any users who need protection of their intellectual property.
At the same time, the increase in the value of the NEWS token does not affect the availability of hash entries in the Blockchain. To verify the content, the hash record can be at the cost of hundredths of the NEWS token.
- The own usage of the NEWS token for accumulation and payment for goods and services, including content.
How to receive NEWS tokens:
To receive a NEWS token, you have to register your Waves wallet https://waveswallet.io or download the Waves app for iOS, Android or Google Chrome. After registration of the wallet, the user will be able to receive and send NEWS tokens by the wallet number.
To get tokens, the user has to visit the Waves stock integrated into the wallet, select the NEWS currency in the search and select the currency pair to be exchanged for USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Waves, Zcash, etc.
The second variant of receiving NEWS tokens is implemented in ICO portal ico.news1.ru, it includes cryptocurrency wallets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Waves, Zcash) for direct exchange to NEWS.

Our goal is to create a decentralized platform for verification and content processing based on the NEWS crypto token.
We enlisted the support of major news agencies in testing and using our technology after the ICO. The number of partners of the POST verification platform is constantly growing. The list of organizations, which will use our platform after ICO includes:
1) Laboratory of Experimental Economics CEMI RSSI
2) National Institute of Business http://www.nibmoscow.ru
3) Moscow State University of Medicine and Density http://en.msmsu.ru
Main website of information Agency is NEWS1.ru

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