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Advertisement in Belarus. Indoor & outdoor adverts, marketing strategy

Group of advertising companies performs advertisement in Belorussian business centers, in the press, TV and radio, outdoor and indoor adverts

Advertisement in Belarus business centers, search a business partner in Belarus via the advertisement in business centers:

Group of advertisement companies Brand-Made, LCD Media, IndoorMedia offers the opportunity to advertise in the Belorussian business centers, Minsk and regional towns. Media planning, marketing strategy, marketing companies, brand marketing.
Advertisement carriers are LCD TVs with 32-inch (81 cm) and A0 posters that are placing about the lifts in Belorusian business centers and A3 posters in the lifts;
Media advertisement network covers 82 business center in Minsk and 35 business centers in the regions (Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, and Vitebsk).

Advertisement on TV in Belarus:

• Planning and analysis of advertisement campaigns based on data from regular media research of television audience;
• Placement of our clients' advertisement on all Belarus TV channels (including regional, cable and satellite);
• Advertisement in ads blocks, sponsor advertising, tickers, etc.;
• Conducting post-buy evaluation and analysis of our clients' advertisement campaigns, including monitoring and analysis of promotional activities of competitors based on media data. Provision of samples of competitors' commercials is available;
• Preparation of regular media reviews on TV advertisement market in Belarus;

Outdoor Advertisement in Belarus:

• We are one of the largest buyers of outdoor advertisement among advertising agencies in Belarus. We have outdoor advertisement contracts with more than 60 contractors throughout Belarus;
• We place our clients' advertisements in more than 40 different formats of outdoor advertisement in over 20 Belarus' cities;
• We run constant monitoring of existing daytime and night-time outdoor advertisement in order to detect all defects of advertising media content, using the system of financial compensation for clients;
• We provide clients with a full range of services related to the production and placement of outdoor advertisement in Belarus, including the development and adaptation of advertisement materials (layouts) for outdoor advertising and more.
Outdoor advertisement in Belarus
• Development of targeted program based on the client's assignment;
• Coordination of outdoor advertisement with state authorities of Belarus;
• Organization of the manufacture of posters for outdoor advertisement;
• Arrangements for the delivery of posters from the manufacturer's warehouse to the location of the structure owners throughout Belarus;
• Installation (assembly) of posters;
• Organization of replacement and / or repair of posters, elimination of damages in posters and / or outdoor advertisement caused by weather conditions or vandalism;
• Regular independent monitoring of advertisement structures and the quality of the content of the client's promotional materials in daytime and night-time, with photo report of the found defects provided;
• Preparation and provision of daytime and night-time photo report on the client's advertisement;
• Regular monitoring of outdoor advertisement of competitors, with photo reports provided;

Advertisement on Radio in Belarus:

• We place advertisement on all radio stations in Belarus (22 stations);
• We actively use all the features of radio broadcasts for advertisement: advertising in ads blocks, news, special programs, interactive games and more.
• We provide clients with a full range of services related to the placement of advertisement on the radio (including organization of the production of advertisement radio commercials);
• We prepare regular radio media reviews of advertisement market;

Advertisement in Belarus press:

• Place the advertisement in all media in Belarus (including regional editions);
• Monitoring of advertisement with reporting outputs – provide the original of the original editions;
• The advertisement in Belorussian web sites and portals;
Read more >> http://www.tiwatiwa.com/belarus_en/advertisement.html